Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A New Chapter

The Zulu Princess is back! After doubts and fears, I've decided to start this blog again! Hopefully for good! I love writing, fashion, photography, and being able to look back at previous stories so I thought a blog would be the perfect opportunity. Annnd I'm interning with a non-profit in New York City for the summer, so I thought the change of scenery would be the perfect opportunity!

Yes, this is in New York City!

So...where to begin? I'm a rising senior (?!) at a school in North Carolina studying fashion. One day, I hope to work in either PR or marketing in the industry, however, I'm still trying to determine what exactly I want to do. Other than my blogging-related hobbies, I love to be outdoors whether it's basking in the Sun , canoeing, swimming, hiking a mountain, or on the beach, you name it! I love scrolling down my tumblr and pinterest as well as catching up on a few of my favorite blogs :) I also love adventures with people whether they entail travel, food, shopping, people, nature, or a combination of all of them :)

What I love about the concept of a blog is that it's basically an online diary. I can share aspects of my life with others and be able to go back through them, anywhere. I can also share them with friends (AKA, you people!) and I hope that you'll enjoy the start of a new chapter.

Happy reading,

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