Friday, July 11, 2014

#OOTD: Single Cat Lady

I'm so excited to finally start posting outfit pics! And luckily, my dad is just as passionate and has a great eye for photography :)

I wore this on a very typical hump day. I'm not much of a morning person and every once in a while I end up being a tad bit late to work. Today was one of those days. I went to bed super late the night before, didn't eat breakfast, or have any caffeine. To keep things simple, I decided to throw on this dress because it's super comfy. It's actually my younger sister's but she so graciously let me borrow it for the summer (without her knowledge hehehe). The print reminds me of something Modcloth would sell, but my sister actually bought it on sale at Macy*s!  I like to be creative with my work apparel and the playful print on this dress kept me from being in a *blah* mood all day. Being the minimalist I am, I paired it with my coveted Birkenstocks and a pair of pearls.

Dress: Macy's Shoes: Birkenstock

 And let me tell you! So glad I wore a dress to work today. I spent my lunch break scarfing down my tuna-hummus wrap and then walking to The High Line to have a lovely mid-day bask in the Sun. This dress was light enough so the 80 degree plus weather didn't get me super sweaty. There was also a bit of a breeze because there was a storm the night before, so it was nice to feel the wind blowing on my legs! The combination of the nearly perfect weather and my outfit really kept me sane during a slightly stressful day at work. Fashion really does influence your state of mind sometimes! I'm looking forward to posting more #ootd's of myself and other people. Hope y'all are just excited as me for the week to be almost over!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A tourist in my own city....

Okay, quick life bio time.

I was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. The summer before my ninth birthday, my family relocated to Chapel Hill, NC. I went from being a city girl to living in a small Southern town. I've been there ever since, attending school only forty minutes away. This summer I was given the chance to intern in New York City with a non-profit and have been living here for the past month. Being back in New York is an interesting experience. I've come back for vacations and summers before but this experience is unique because it's the first time 'adult' Lerato is experiencing the city. I have the freedom to explore as much as I can. And NY has changed so much since I've last lived here! It's mind boggling and sometimes alarming. Sometimes I think to myself "am I still a New Yorker?" and "Is this the place I grew up or am I just too used to the South??" I felt at ease once one of my aunts visited and got lost too...haha. It's exciting though and I've already had some pretty unforgettable experiences.
Free concert at Prospect Park! #sodope

Street art appeared in my old neighborhood!

Arguably the BEST ice cream 

Williamsburg street art
Cuddling with Pepper @ Vaute Couture

I got love for my city!

I can't wait to make the most of my last (for now at least) month of living in the city! It's crazy, the more I'm here and working, the more I can see myself live here after graduating college. At least for a few New York just has such an ora to it that will always be special to me. Check back for some more city adventures!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A New Chapter

The Zulu Princess is back! After doubts and fears, I've decided to start this blog again! Hopefully for good! I love writing, fashion, photography, and being able to look back at previous stories so I thought a blog would be the perfect opportunity. Annnd I'm interning with a non-profit in New York City for the summer, so I thought the change of scenery would be the perfect opportunity!

Yes, this is in New York City!

So...where to begin? I'm a rising senior (?!) at a school in North Carolina studying fashion. One day, I hope to work in either PR or marketing in the industry, however, I'm still trying to determine what exactly I want to do. Other than my blogging-related hobbies, I love to be outdoors whether it's basking in the Sun , canoeing, swimming, hiking a mountain, or on the beach, you name it! I love scrolling down my tumblr and pinterest as well as catching up on a few of my favorite blogs :) I also love adventures with people whether they entail travel, food, shopping, people, nature, or a combination of all of them :)

What I love about the concept of a blog is that it's basically an online diary. I can share aspects of my life with others and be able to go back through them, anywhere. I can also share them with friends (AKA, you people!) and I hope that you'll enjoy the start of a new chapter.

Happy reading,